Facebook is introducing Live Audio Rooms as part of a series of new audio experiences on its platform, and that’s not all.

During the pandemic, the trend and demand for audio networking in particular has increased, people feel lonely and need to communicate mainly in this way.

In response to this demand, Facebook has announced that it will be introducing a series of audio features in the coming months:

These include Live Audio Rooms, a Facebook version of the popular Clubhouse app that allows people to listen to and participate in live conversations.

Facebook will also launch a new Soundbites feature where users can create and share short audio clips. Soundbites will be short audio clips that will be shared through the News Feed. These are jokes, poems, insights or anecdotes that enter the algorithmic newsfeed.

The feature will be rolled out over the next few months, initially to a small community. Users will be able to make money in live sound rooms or on Soundbites,though it’s unclear whether these will be available to everyone or reserved only for authors with large followings.

Facebook will also allow users to listen to podcasts directly from the Facebook app.


Zuckerberg and Facebook have been accused of anti-competitive behaviour by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Critics claim that Big Tech’s “borrowing” of ideas from smaller companies may stifle competition.

Case in point:

Instagram Reels, which came out last year, looks similar to TikTok . The Instagram Stories feature, which was released in 2016, has been criticised as copying Snapchat currently a Clubhouse clone. The rapid rise of this audio-focused startup has been duly noticed by established platforms, which have launched or announced their own live audio features in recent months: Twitter Audio Spaces, Reddit Talk, even LinkedIn is working on them.

We’ll be surprised to see who copies whom next and who manages to make a name for themselves in this sector.